Monday, May 11, 2009

Bluewater Gran Prix Parker, AZ

Custom Creations race team had another thrilling weekend. May 9th and 10th BITD held the Bluewater GP in Parker, AZ.Taking home the 1st place victory for UTV Pro.
The weekend started out great... pits on the river, lot's great racers and spectators enthusiasm was in the air. The race community took over the Bluewater Hotel and Casino, quads, motorcycle and UTV's everywhere in the parking lot.

First of all I would like to say... BITD races are really the Best in the Desert.. Casey really lives up to his name! And Cory UTVRA great job for teching all those cars in 106 degrees!!
We brought our trusty pink Kawasaki Teryx for another battle with the Pro UTV Class. We decided not pre-run the course so the terrain was bran new and exciting the first lap, we chose to keep our car fresh and get our last minute prepping done.
The race started just after 3pm, and it was hot over 100 degrees in a firesuit and helmet, no one cared the adrenaline was pumping. The start of the race was so exciting we got the holeshot,
what a great start! This set the pace for a fast first lap; proving we could stay out front. The car was handling great throughout the course. It was a real technical course lots of turn, u-turns, a big water crossing , a garage entrance, rocky high speed areas, silt sand, downhill, road crossings and some large whoops that just fell out of under you... By the third lap we started slowing the pace down, we had radio problems the whole race so it was real hard to communicate. Just after lap 3 we lost all brakes... they must have gotten boiling hot from all the hard braking into the corners. It probably wasn't so helpful being 106 degrees outside. By this time our team was 4 minutes and 54 seconds in front of the second place car. We felt good slowing the pace just a bit. We finished our 61 mile race in 2 hours and 4 minutes, leading 2nd place by 3 minutes and 3rd place by 10 minutes. All in all we had a great day, yet again proving our team and making our sponsors proud.

Thanks to everyone who got us out here.. My mom and dad
especially mom for spending mother's day with us in the heat...
Custom Creations, Kawasaki, Montclair Motorsports, Web Cam, OMF Beadlocks, Cp Pistons, Sway Away PRP Seats, B&B Powdercoating...all our sponsors are great! Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Terrible Town 250 @ Primm, NV

We lined up at 5:15 am... yah am... We had to be out early in the cold Nevada morning. UTV's left last in the first race. We lined up 2 at a time to race off the line every 30 seconds. 15 UTV's were here to race. This is our 2nd desert race and felt lucky to be 4th in the draw order. So we left in the second set of UTV's. We got a good start off the line and took 3rd position. We caught the 2nd place rhino just before the bridge just a mile or two into the race. It took a while to pass though since it was pretty much a 1 lane road. We made our way around between mile 10 and 20. The miles were flying by so it was hard to keep track of the miles exactly....We traveled over a very rocking cliff mountain, through huge nasty whoops and a dry lake bed... The dust and sun combination was so bad, we could bearly see our front bumper at times, we still pressed on at some spots 40 mph with no visibilty... Lots of different terrain, we even ran on a paved road right into a big silt bed.. we were behind a truck and when he jumped off the road it was like we were in powder, we could not see anything at all. We did not even know where the course was, I guess a GPS would have been helpful at a time like this!!! So we sat for almost 1 minute till the dust powder settled and continued on course. We were very eager to get through the course, we just wasted alot of time.... We passed jeeps, baja bugs and trucks.. it was way fun... The dry lake bed was my favorite since we got to open up for about 2 1/2 minutes at about 65mph, it was a nice change from all the dust and whoops we had been in for most of the course. After the lake bed a descent whoop section and then into the short stadium course for our last few miles. We took it in a enjoyed driving in front of the grand stands!!! We had a real fun day and ended up finishing our 73 mile race in 2 hours and 35 seconds!!! What a great day to finish the race... We were so happy!!! The podium was fun, i liked driving up... I had no idea what to say!!! Except thanks to everyone who made it possible for us to be there. We are so thank full and so giggly to be on the podium. What a great day and even better to be able to take home a 2nd place trophy to hang on the wall!!
I love desert racing and feel quite special to be able to drive such a nice car through the rugged terrain. Thanks to my husband and everyone who has helped get this car done!! Thanks Guys!!!
My pit crew is awesome, the sacrifice their time to go all the way to primm to help us... Thank you!!

Powderpuff Race for the Cure

Well we are back and we had a blast!! It was so awesome. Our desert race Teryx took on a nasty 23 mile loop in Barstow. We left in the first heat with a total of 10 UTV's in our class. Mostly Rhino's expect us and 1 other Teryx and a Artic Cat. We left in the 2nd position. We thought we would take it easy the first couple laps. By mile 1 we were already passing our 1st rhino, thinking this is easy... Until all of a sudden 2 rhino's jumped out in front of us... By mile 2 the race was on... We got putin 3rd place quick... We were not having that.. there was a traffic jam on a one way hill and it became chaotic... then we grabbed 2nd.. we held second unitl the 7th mile in lap 3. We were run ning behind Cory Weller from weller racing. She has an 800cc rhino and she was super fast and a great judge of which path to take. All we have done to our motor is a Dynatek CDI box, a clutch and a Two Brothers Ehxaust. So here weas our chance a huge "S" turn on mile 7, we got her on top end. We were in 1st position. She passed around mile 15 when we got stuck behind a truck and then we were able to take her again throught he whoops! Our Teryx was soaking up the whoops like they were not even there... We held the lad the last 2 laps... we ended up pitting 3 times twice for gas and once to check tires. Our pit crew was so awesome our last pit was only 10 seconds. My navigator was super awesome, she stayed calm and cool the whole time and even lied to me to get me moving quicker... Good job Jennifer...Nothing broke or gave us any problems during the race. The Teryx and all the components and aftermarket parts were flawless. It brought us to an awesome victory by leading 4 minutes and 9 seconds at the finish line. This was my first race.. "Ladies Only" and I am hooked. Thank you to all my sponsors for making this race possible you all rock.. And my pit crew and all my family and friends for their support... And of course my hsband for building a bad ass Teryx that I feel super spoiled with!!!
Not to bad for our 1st desert racer and 1st time behind the wheel in a race!